Mar 312014

Amity Lacrosse from 2011-12 season

Amity Lacrosse from 2011-12 season

In order to eliminate the interruption of classes with athletic announcements, a new procedure has been in place.  Some of you may be aware of this procedure from the FALL and Winter  Athletic Seasons.  Athletic games, meets and practices cancelled due to inclement weather when school is in session will be announced via phone text and/or email.

PLEASE NOTE:  this is not to replace being signed up on CIACSPORTS.COM for details regarding schedule changes, but rather just a quick notice of events or practices cancelled/postponed due to inclement weather for a particular day when school is in session.

Please see the attachment below for directions to sign up.  EVEN IF YOU HAVE SIGNED UP FOR FALL  or WINTER SPORTS, YOU WILL NEED TO SIGN UP AGAIN FOR SPRING.


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