Mar 312014

lion-and-the-lambMarch comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb … someone forgot to remind Mother Nature though as an unexpected snowfall hit the region this morning dropping up to 2″ in some areas by 9 a.m.

As the movie “Noah” was released last weekend we were getting used to the rain, and expected more of the same today with temperatures soaring into the 50s, but no one expected this.

Police have been out all morning responding to accidents, including two simultaneous ones on Route 34 in opposite directions, and the DOT plow operator was reporting several cars stuck along the roadway as he drove from the garage in Orange to the West Haven line.

One regular reader said she was on the road for more than an 2 hours trying to make the 30 minute drive from Bethany to her job in Orange.

The roads are slow and slippery, so if you must go out drive with caution. If you can stay home instead, it’s a great day to do some spring cleaning and wait for the temperatures to rise — yes, forecasters are confident that we will see the thermometers hit 50 today and melt this mess.

Too bad the snow arrived one day short of April Fools Day — this would have been a good one.

Be careful out there.

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