Apr 102014

IMG_6664The Amity Varsity Lacrosse Team celebrated its first season win on Wednesday after defeating Notre Dame 8-7 in West Haven.

Coach AJ Alessi of ND had his team ready to go in his first game as their new Head Coach. Coach Pepe is very familiar with Alessi as the two used to compete against each other while Alessi played attack at Branford, and Pepe was the goalie for Amity, both graduating in 2005.

“It was great to get a win against a conference team on the road early in the season. Close games like this one really are a great experience for the players and makes both teams better,” Pepe said. “There are some things we did pretty well, but we have a ways to go before we reach our full potential. I was very impressed with the four goal run we went on late in the 3rd quarter to open up a 3 goal lead, which ended up being too much for ND to come back from.  There is great senior leadership on this team, and if we continue to work hard and get better everyday then this will be a special season.”

The Spartans outshot Notre Dame 39-28

Quarters            1     2      3      4         total

Spartans            10      10      10       9      –       39

Notre Dame       9        4         8       7       –       28

Spartans              2        1         1        4       –        8
Notre Dame       1        2         1        3       –        7


Brad Uscilla (1), Steve Sember (2), David Buono (2), Joe Choiniere (2), Tyler Burns (1)


Ajay King (1), Steve Sember (1), Nick Coassin (1), Joe Choiniere (1), Tyler Burns (2)

Notre Dame

Alex Hassen (3), Joe Biondi (3), Dylan Penna (1)


Andrew Stofko (1), Hassen (2)

Spartans – Evan Campbell 11
ND – John Brunetti 13

Next up is Branford at home on Friday, April 11, at 4 p.m.

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