Apr 102014

Bens thievesAfter a devious couple stole from Ben’s Service and Towing, 115 Boston Post Road, the owners, Ben and Andrea Santamauro filed a complaint with the Orange Police, then took to Facebook to try and find the dishonest duo.

Late Tuesday night a man and woman entered the store, asked to see an e-cig (Electronic Cigarette) that was in a case and while the woman distracted the cashier, the man slid the item into his pocket.

Security cameras caught the entire thing on video, which the Santamauro’s shared on their business and personal Facebook pages.

Small business owners take shoplifting very seriously. Unlike big box stores stealing from local mom and pop shops is personal and the Santamauros want this couple caught before they do the same to someone else.

The police are investigating and ask that anyone who can identify either or both of the people in these photos to call police headquarters at 203-891-2130 to report it.


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