Apr 102014

thDuring the April 9 Board of Selectmen’s Meeting the subject of damaged roads was discussed.

“There are a significant number of roads that will be repaired this year,” according to Selectman Mitch Goldblatt. “The town roads have been surveyed and they will be dealt with on a basis of the worst condition first. $5 million of the bond money goes toward fixing roads and that money will be used in the next 2 years, but the roads can’t all be done at one time.”

Orange Highway Dept. Crew Chief Donald Foyer is on top of this, and well aware of where each of the troublesome pot holes exist around town.

Foyer said he is meeting with the contractor next week and a list is currently being assembled. Work is expected to begin in May or June.

Orange Live will have updates on this subject as more information becomes available.

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