Apr 162014

IMG_7683On Saturday, April 12, the Orange Lions Club hosted its 52nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Orange Fairgrounds.

The day was absolutely perfect, warm, sunny and pleasant.

Julia’s Bakery donated goodies for the adults to enjoy with their coffee, the popcorn was popping, and PEZ donated hundreds of their famous candy dispensers for the children who visited with the Easter Bunny under the Gazebo.

The Bunny arrived with Officer Mike Kosh from the Orange Police Department.

There were four different easter egg hunts for specific age groups. The little ones went first gingerly picking up one egg at a time and  happily walking away with 10 or 15 chocolate treats. If he or she had a foil star on on of the eggs they were entitled to a special prize.

the older children rushed in, grabbing 2-3 eggs at a time, and so on. 1,500 eggs disappeared in a matter of seconds.

There were only about 10-15 kids in the oldest age group, so the Lions invited any of the younger children who were still around in to join them. This is where the magic happened, the older kids shared with the little ones and even approached the Lions after all the seeded candy was gone and thanked them for having the event.

This is by far one of the nicest events in the town of Orange.

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