Apr 232014

The New Truck is taller than the older models

Many residents have been asking when will the roads in Orange be fixed? It was a tough winter and the Highway Department personnel knows better than anyone that the roads are a mess. Fixing them is a top priority, but like every other big project, things have to be planned out, including determining the priority locations with the most damage.

In answer to your questions: here is the 2014 roadwork schedule, including definitions of the different types of work so everyone in town will be fully informed.



Milling is the removal of the top 2 inches of existing pavement, leaving behind a rough surface. Paving of the surface will follow milling. Please be advised, after road surface is milled road surface will be uneven. Please reduce speed and exercise caution traveling on unfinished roads.

The following streets are to be milled and paved:


ROAD                                                FROM                                                TO____________

Indian River Road                   Milford Town Line                   Marsh Hill Road

Prindle Hill Road                    West Haven Town Line          Indian River Road

Robinson Blvd.                         Connair Road                           Cul-de-sac

Old Tavern Road                      Route 1                                        Lambert Road

Dogburn Road                          Route 34                                     Woodbridge Town Line

Derby-Milford Road                Turkey Hill Road                    Grassy Hill Road

Wheeler’s Farm Road             Derby-Milford Road              Milford Town Line



Chip Seal is a process where liquid asphalt is sprayed on the road surface, small stone is applied, the surface is then rolled and swept.

The following roads are for Chip Seal:

Birchwood Drive, Dentree Drive, Center Road Circle, Green Hill Road, Oakwood Road, Pinecrest Road, Racebrook Terrace, Whitney Lane, Williamsburg Drive and Walnut Hill Road.

While this road construction is underway we ask all drivers to reduce speed and obey flagmen. Please call the Highway Department (203) 891-4775, Monday through Friday, 7 AM– 3 PM with any questions.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work to improve our roads.

We approximate the work will begin May 27 and run through the month of June.


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