Apr 242014

jake closeupThe only love little Jake may have experienced recently was when a school teacher cared enough to scoop up the little stray on the way to work, Thursday, April 24.

The Good Samaritan got the frightened, matted dog off the street and provided him with a warm blanket and water.

An officer from the Milford-Orange Animal Control brought Jake to the veterinarian where he was examined.

Preliminary information is that Jake is an older dog with a bad heart.  It may have been a while since anyone cared for him. The phone number on his name tag is out of service.

Anything else I would say would be all speculation.

If you have a pet that is missing please contact Orange Live immediately (Facebook: Orange Live; 203-506-1747; orangectlive01@gmail.com). Send us a photo and we’ll post it so everyone can start looking for him/her.

There is no reason for a dog or cat to be out there fending for themselves against predators and traffic. 

Jake was one of the lucky ones. Someone cared enough to stop and help without worrying about how dirty of smelly he may have been. The Turkey Hill School personnel and I are happy that he felt loved today.


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