Apr 282014

The Late Maren Sanchez

The late Maren Sanchez

A message from Amity Principal Charles Britton:

This morning, the faculty, staff and students at Amity High School held a moment of silence in memory of Jonathan Law High School student, Maren Sanchez.

This weekend, I spoke with the Principal at Jonathan Law High School, Fran Thompson. I extended sympathies on behalf of all of us at Amity. I let Mr. Thompson know that we are keeping the Jonathan Law faculty, staff, students and administration in our thoughts and prayers.

Counselors are available for any Amity students who need help processing the tragedy in Milford. Any parents who are concerned about the impact of this tragedy on their child may contact a school counselor or administrator.

It is important to remember that Amity High School is a safe place. We have a talented faculty and staff, and able first responders nearby.

If parents or students ever have a concern about school safety, please err on the side of caution, and report the concern immediately.

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