May 042014

Ladder 37 rolls down the road.

If you pass by Fire Station 1 (next to Town Hall) on Orange Center Road, it may look like a scene out of “ET” or “Outbreak” with firefighters mulling around in Hazmat Suits.

Don’t bother the Police Dispatcher, or panic and think you have to evacuate your home. It is just a drill. Part of the Firefighter 1 training.

As you know the Orange Volunteer Firefighters train regularly and just as hard as any paid fire department, and Hazardous Materials can pose a danger anytime, anywhere.

Orange has responded to fire calls where hazardous liquids have been stored in garages or sheds and they need to know how to deal with them for not only the safety of the community, but their own safety as well.

Deputy Fire Marshal Jamie Vincent , Asst. Fire Chief Vaughan Dumas and Ken Mitchell of the Orange Volunteer Fire Department, all are training officers at the Fire Academy, so rest assured Orange is in good hands.

Don’t worry when you pass by the firehouse today, feel comfort in knowing that everyone there is working hard to be the best they can when it comes to  protecting and serving the town of Orange and surrounding communities.

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