May 082014

Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 4.50.57 PMOn Tuesday, May 6, officers met with a resident who reported that a neighbor, Jan Marcus, 75, of 654 Aspen Lane, had threatened her after she stopped to talk to him about cleaning up after his dogs.
After the conversation about the matter, Marcus allegedly replied “Do you want me to shoot your (expletive) head off?”  With this, the complainant called police.
A records check revealed that  Marcus had eleven firearms registered to him.
Police obtained an arrest warrant for Marcus, charging second-degree breach of peace and second-degree threatening.
Additionally, search warrants were secured for both the house and Marcus’ vehicle in an effort to locate the firearms.
On Wednesday, May 7, Aspen Lane was a flurry of police activity when officers from both the Patrol Division and the Investigative Services Unit conducted a surveillance of Marcus’ home. Officers observed Marcus leave the residence in his vehicle, conducted a traffic stop, and placed him under arrest without incident.
Officers responded to the residence and executed the search warrant for the weapons. Mr. Marcus was cooperative and provided officers with the location of the firearms in the residence. Milford Regional Animal Control assisted with the six dogs found in the residence.
Marcus was released on $25,000.00 bond with a court date of May 21 in Derby Superior Court.


  2 Responses to “Neighbor Dispute Leads To Arrest on Aspen Lane”

  1. Hi, I personally have dealt with this man recently on a different level. I am actually a runner in this neighborhood also, who ran by the dog doo, but found myself with complete empathy when I saw the disarray of his home. The dogs always were happy. The woman who this bothered should have contacted the authorities to have someone knock on his door with a professional approach. How did she approach him? Was she confrontational and taunting? Was she in a vehicle? As a neighbor or dog lover maybe should could have offered him help. Was she yelling at him? If there was a threat that was wrong, but to take away the dogs, the only thing this man has in his life is wrong. It should have been handled differently. The women should have her side exposed as well as him. Was there a witness? Sometimes people suffer from depression or other things. Obviously his financial situation was not well. Maybe it is time for Orange Residents to have empathy, offer help to a neighbor, instead of judgement and confrontation. Why isn’t her name released? I run there daily and now there is bad blood and national exposure. Was this necessary? Why not call authorities regarding the dog cleanup? This wasn’t an issue that just appeared, it has been there over 15 years…. Why were the police not releasing the story for so long? Please note his weapons were registered legally.

    • UPDATE: in Response to everyone who’s called Orange Live, I can tell you that Mr. Marcus retrieved his dogs from the Milford Pound – they were said to be well taken care of and incredibly happy to see him.

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