May 132014

police carOrange Police are stepping up patrols after seven vehicles reportedly were entered in the overnight hours between Sunday and Monday.

Residents in the Andrew Lane, Kennedy Drive, Dogwood Lane and Cummings Road neighborhoods told police that someone had taken items from their parked cars. These items included a wallet, GPS units and spare change.

In addition someone stole a car from Racebrook Road in which the keys had been left. That vehicle was later located in West Haven.

According to Asst. Police Chief Anthony Cuozzo, Orange police have been communicating with other police departments and comparing notes, and Orange is not the only town experiencing these crimes of opportunity, similar reports have come out of North Haven, East Haven and Branford as well.

Included in the increased patrols is the use of the license plate reading patrol car that keeps a log of all the license plates and “Pings” on those that may be stolen, expired, or otherwise suspicious and the vehicle would be stopped.

“Again, we remind residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods. No one knows your street as well as you do, so any vehicles or persons that seem out of place should be reported to the Orange Police at 203-891-2130 immediately,” Cuozzo said. “Also, lock your cars and keep any and all valuables out of sight.”

Even loose change in a cup holder is enough to attract a thief.

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