May 292014

Gordon presents the plans to the Police Commissioners.

Gordon presents the plans to the Police Commissioners.

On April 14, the Orange Police Commission heard a proposal for a new Dunkin’ Donuts shop with a drive thru window.

Jeffrey Gordon a Landscape Architect/Site Planner at Codespoti & Associates, P.C. presented the plans and explained the changes the Fire Marshal had requested before this meeting. 

Among the details in the plans, were the number and location of parking spaces in this very tight lot; an exit on Indian River Road; how the retaining wall would be fixed; the cue for the drive thru window; safety issues; and that snow would have to be removed via dump truck rather than just pushed into a pile.

This Dunkin would replace the one next to the SmartLiving Center, which does not have a drive thru window.

Police Chief Robert Gagne said he was concerned about the exits and cars slamming on their brakes if the line of cars trying to pull in were blocking the entrance/exit.

imgshow_watermark-2The lot in question is where there is a Psychic’s office, at 226 Boston Post Road.

Gordon said the site would be reworked to accommodate the Dunkin’ because the owner would be paying a Post Road price and would want Post Road visibility.

Although the presented site plan was much better than the original after Gordon implemented the Fire Marshal’s changes, Gagne still had reservations.

None of the commissioners was “crazy” about the plan but they gave it a nod with conditions: The Department of Transportation would have to give its approval and the Commission had the right to revisit the plan after one season in operation and possibly make one portion an exit only.

The shop owner still has a 1.5 year lease remaining on the Dunkin’ in the plaza.

Gordon left the meeting with the understanding that the Town Plan & Zoning Commission could override the Police Traffic Commission’s decision.

Denied Before It’s Presented, But Wait!

On Tuesday, June 3, the site plan application will go before the Town Plan & Zoning Commission.

The proposal is for the demolition of existing structures on-site and the construction of a single story bakery/takeout coffee shop (Dunkin’ Donuts).

The TPZC must deny this site plan application.  This application fails to conform to the Orange Zoning Regulations.

The applicant has filed an application with the Orange Zoning Board of Appeals to request variances of the regulations.

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