Jun 072014

Team Orange

Team Orange

The Connecticut Special Olympics take place this weekend in New Haven.

Each year, before it can begin, the flame must arrive at the stadium, and this is done with the help of hundreds of police officers from across the state.

Dozens of law enforcement officers participate in the Law Enforcement Torch Run from every corner of the state, officers carry torches until they all converge in New Haven and the cauldron is lit during the opening ceremonies.

This year,  Team Orange had 11 runners (which included 3 civilian girls), and two vehicles that made the mostly uphill trek from the Orange Town Line to the West Haven Line.

Milford police, accompanied by officers from Bridgeport and Stratford passed the torch to Orange around 4 p.m.

The Temperature was around 80 degrees and humid, but Team Orange ran tirelessly to complete their task — handing the torch off to the West Haven Police delegation waiting in  front of Sam’s Club.

Yes, Officer Petrucelli IS wearing a 50-pound vest … why? I don’t think we’ll ever know.

This is a tradition that the Orange Police hold dear and look forward to every year.

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