Jun 092014

Last year's winners.

Last year’s winners.

The 10th annual Amity Film Festival takes place at Amity High School tonight, Monday, June 9 at 6 p.m.

Back in 2005, the video arts was a fresh new offering in the Amity curriculum with Janice Holzer leading the way for future teachers.

Teacher Jonathan Furst was there from the beginning, too, teaching students about lighting, framing, editing and everything else they needed to know about making a good movie.

One of the most memorable films to come out of the Amity Film Festival was the 2009 film noire masterpiece entitled “White Toast,” the work of Greg Passik, Robert Gagne and Adam Kloc, which not only came in first at Amity, but went on to earn  the 2009 American Visions Award.

The video classes quickly grew in popularity and students in Amity Middle School clamor to get into the freshman courses and then most likely will follow it through to their senior year.

The film festival includes public service announcements, “20 shots” films  – showing the student’s ability to put a movie together using 20 different techniques and angles: Establishing shot; wide shot; close up shot; panning up and down, etc.; video films, poetry films, Story Set To Music, Documentary/News Package, short film, long film.

The Festival is presented each year by the Jamie A. Hulley Arts Foundation, and Judy Primavera, (Jamie’s mom) is there to present the winners with certificates. She will send them checks and a personal note in the mail.

Come out tonight and see tomorrow’s famous film makers.

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