Jun 132014

The winners of the 10th Annual Amity Film Festival.

The winners of the 10th Annual Amity Film Festival.

The tenth annual Amity Film Festival took place on Monday evening in the John Brady Center for the Performing Arts.

The event is sponsored by the Jamie A. Hulley Arts Foundation and that organization’s founder Judy Primavera was on-hand to not only help judge the competition, but also to hand out award certificates to the winners.

The Film Class has grown in the past decade from a few classes to one of the most popular electives with 12 classes and three full time teachers.

Teacher Jonathan Furst, who’s been with the program since it began said, “The competition was fierce. It was very difficult to choose which films would be included in the festival this year.”

This year’s winners were:

9th Grade: Story Set To Music

“Cinderella” — Alicia Chen, Shannon Dillon and Kaitlyn Paradis

9th Grade Documentary Shorts 

“The Artist” — Bianca Gibbons-Morales

10th-12th Grade: 6 Shot Films

“Speaking Out” — Morgan Perry and Christina Magliocco

10th – 12th Grade: News Story

“Fall Festival” — Becca Norton reporting

10th – 12th Grade: Best Short Film

“Payback” — Ariel Lowenthal and Tiffany Walter

10th-12th Grade: Best Long Film

“Alignment” — Noah Simon



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