Jun 162014

IMG_2498 IMG_2499One of the biggest mysteries in town is where all the trees are getting their sweaters.

On May 23, Orange Live found out, catching the tree dressers in the act.  (other commitments have kept me too busy to post it).

Liz Deluca and another member of the knitting circle were “dressing” a tree with a pink sweater in honor of the Relay For Life and Breast Cancer Awareness, on the Orange Fairgrounds near the fence on Orange Center Road.

The sweaters are handcrafted long, wide strips of knitted yarn that are wrapped around the trees, then the sides are “sewn” together to custom fit the tree.

You will see these well dressed trees here and there, many on the High Plains grounds. Each has a theme, red-white-and-blue, the pink “cancer” wrap and more.

Now when you see them, you know how it’s done.


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