Jun 172014

Make sure your sunroof is  CLOSED!

Make sure your sunroof is CLOSED!

From Amity Principal Charles Britton:

Please help! This afternoon, the Amity PTSA began inflating hundreds of balloons. The balloons are now ready for delivery.

The PTSA is in desperate need of drivers to deliver all the balloons. The task involves picking up balloons at the high school, delivering the balloons to the addresses of graduating seniors, and tying the balloons to the graduate’s mailbox.

If you have a vehicle (preferably an SUV) and a few hours tonight or tomorrow, please help.

Please contact Linda Ferranti at (203) 671-3241 or linferranti@yahoo.com if you can help, or just hop in your car and come on over to the high school – the balloons are bundled and ready for delivery.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I helped inflate and deliver balloons for the first time this year. It didn’t take much time and I felt happy when I completed my deliveries knowing how good seeing the balloons would make the graduating student. I’m going back now, hope to see you there. 


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