Jul 012014

dog-begging-at-table-300Are you having a 4th of July picnic? Is your dog or cat part of the festivities?

Do you and your guests know what they should and shouldn’t do to help keep your pet safe during a patio dinner?

Pork and chicken bones can splinter and become lodged in your dog’s digestive tract, the intestines can be punctured by a sharp piece of bone. Make sure you and your guests have a secure container in which to dispose of the bones from your barbecue.

Steaks and hamburgers are meat, so they’re good for your dog, right? Not necessarily, fatty cuts of meat can cause pancreatitis, possibly resulting in abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea and worst of all organ failure.

Grapes (raisins) can cause kidney failure. A terrible, painful way for your dog to suffer because he had access to the fruit salad bowl or the children shared their snack with “Buddy.”

If your pet is an accomplished food thief, be aware of any onions available to your guests either on sandwiches or in the condiment dish.

Onions can cause elevated heart rate, red blood cell damage and gastrointestinal issues. Onions, even a small amount can be fatal to your cat.

Serving chocolate cupcakes, brownies or a yummy layered desert containing chocolate pudding? We love them and so do our pets. But chocolate contains Theobromine which can cause chocolate poisoning, resulting in muscle tremors, seizures or Heart Arrhythmias.

You think your treats are safe because you use sugar replacement ingredients, but Xylitol can have immediate and irreversible consequences.

Guacamole contains garlic, onions and avocado – a combination that can cause gastrointestinal problems, vomiting, diarrhea and red cell damage.

And tortilla chips, although they are fun to toss to your pet and watch how well he can catch, are super salty and can use life threatening problems, including sodium poisoning, seizures, elevated boy temperature and even death.

Don’t share your hot dogs with your pet, gobblers can swallow a wiener whole causing a choking threat. The fat content in hot dogs also can pose a problem. So, if you must share your picnic food with your pet, make sure you cut it into small pieces.

Corn cobs, stolen from a trash can or the table may make your pet choke or cause an intestinal blockage.

The best idea is to stick to your pets regular dog food and keep the picnic treats to yourself.

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