Jul 062014

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Sliding, dust flying, the sound of a wooden bat hitting a baseball – there was plenty of this in a memorable 22-14 beat-down game between Orange Legion Post 127 and East Haven Sunday afternoon.

The Easties had to get back on their feet after Orange defeated them earlier in the morning.

Orange took the lead early 3-2 in the first inning and didn’t look back.

In the second inning, Orange was hot scoring 11 points. Chris Winkel had an RBI double and Gerald Farace had an RBI, Sebastian Demauro had a two-run single, Jake Russo had an RBI double, Zach Chamberlain walked after he was hit by a pitch, as did Ferace. The cherry on top was Mike Appel’s two-run homer. Bringing the score to 14-3.

East Haven came on strong in the third, scoring 7 points. End of the third the score was 15-10 (Orange).

Post 127’s Jack Demerjian was on the mound for this one. He struck one out, gave up 9 hits and allowed 4 runs in 3 innings.

East Haven’s pitcher wasn’t as lucky, he struck out one, walked 5 and allowed 14 runs in just 1.75 innings

With this win, Orange Improved its record to 11-4.

Post 127 takes the field again on Monday at Brinley at 7 p.m.


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