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subluxation /sub·lux·a·tion/ (sub″luk-sa´shun)

1. incomplete or partial dislocation.
2. in chiropractic, any mechanical impediment to nerve function; originally, a vertebral displacement believed to impair nerve function.
For more than 20 years I have suffered excruciating back pain. The problem worsened in the past 10 years and at times I could not even get out of bed because moving in the morning was much too painful.
In the winter, just standing or trying to walk at more than a shuffle seemed impossible. Two years ago, while photographing an Amity Football game someone in the stands heckled me during a  play, saying something like “Can you move any faster? You’re gonna miss that picture.” — I thought to myself, “No I Can’t move any faster (jerk!)”
The problems started a long, long time ago, when first, I was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler and my orthopedic doctor did nothing about the damage to my cervical spine. He just told me that my spine was in a permanent straight position and I no longer had a natural curve in my neck, so I’d always have pain.
My upper back muscles were nearly always in spasm making it difficult to lift, turn, etc. Still, I had things to do, so I worked through it.
Anyone who sees me may notice that I always wear sneakers or flats – these are the only types of footwear that my back can handle.
Back in March, I interviewed a local chiropractor for his 20th anniversary in business. Dr. Jeffrey Arnel  gave me a thorough overview of his business and his personal thoughts on what he does, and the importance of spine alignment on your health.
I suggested him to my brother, who climbs poles in his job at AT&T and also suffers from constant back pain.
He began seeing Dr. Arnel and then insisted that I go, too.
My Cervical spine and a curved line showing how it Should be.

My Cervical spine and a curved line showing how it Should be.

This is NOT an Advertisement for Arnel Family Chiropractic.

I never believed in chiropractic care. I, like many of you, have heard horror stories and was afraid to be a victim of a bad adjustment.
I listened to my brother and made my first appointment. (I don’t have the insurance to cover it, so my brother pays for me to go.)  X-Rays of my back showed a twisted mess with many subluxations, the worst being at the base of my spine where the nerves were being choked and YES that nasty mess that is my cervical spine.
After about 10 weeks I began to notice  that my lower back didn’t hurt as much. I was able to sit, stand and lay down  — and walk around at baseball and lacrosse games without having to lean against a pole or fence and stretch.
My neck too, is no longer a constant reminder of the tractor trailer accident or the accident in Sept. 2013 when I was T-Boned by another driver. It’s not perfect, but with Dr. Arnel’s assistance, it certainly is improving.
What I like about Dr. Arnel is, not only his personality, but his honesty. He told me in our initial interview and once or twice since, “I never cured anyone in my life. The body heals itself.  I just get the interference to that healing out of the way.”
I have friends who complain about migraine headaches and back pain and I recommend Dr. Arnel, but most won’t even consider it because they are afraid of the stigma that chiropractors had for such a long time.
Still, I say, if it’s working for me, it most likely will work for anyone.
Dr. Arnel’s office is a busy place with patients ranging in age from children to adult and seniors.
Anyone can benefit from the right care, middle-aged folks like me with a history of traumatic injuries, to the school-aged football player who’s been hit and tossed around one too many times.
Again, this is NOT an advertisement. I’m just sharing some thoughts about my own experience and hope that you can also find some relief from your chronic pain.

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