Jul 182014

A generic photo of workers doing asbestos abatement.

A generic photo of workers doing asbestos abatement.

Workmen are removing the floor tiles and mastic adhesive under them on the ramp area of Race Brook School. Thus, an asbestos abatement project will be undertaken beginning Monday, July 21 through to Monday, August 4.

During this period of abatement, the building and grounds of Race Brook School will be closed to visitors, and no children under the age of 18 are permitted on the premises. Please honor this notification and the signs posted at the school.

AIG, Abatement Industries Group, the company who has completed all of our previous abatements, will do this work. At the end of the abatement, the building will be re-certified as safe by an environmental hygienist from Facilities Support Services before anyone can re-enter.

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