Jul 252014

timothy Granata

Timothy Granata

Timothy Granata, 22, a  junior at Pennsylvania’s Lehigh University, appeared in court today for arraignment on charges that he murdered his mother Claudia, a doctor affiliated with Yale New Haven Hospital in their Orange home on Thursday.

Granata’s father is being supportive of his son in spite of the fact that the situation is destroying his family.

According to our source who was in the courtroom, Timothy covered his face and wept during the arraignment.

Granata’s attorney, Charles E. Tiernan III, of New Haven, said his client clearly has a psychiatric history, and requested that Judge Karen Sequino reduce his bond from $2 million to $750,000, which was denied.

He asked that his client be transferred to a psychiatric facility instead of being confined in a jail.

Claudia Granata was an internist, professionally known as Claudia Dinan, MD. She and Dr. Attilio V. Granata were married for nearly 30 years. 

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