Jul 252014

wild rose driveAt a press conference at the Orange Police Station, Police Chief Robert Gagne gave an update of the investigation regarding the murder of Dr. Claudia Dinan Granata, 58,  at the hands of her 22-year-old son, Timothy on Thursday, July 24.

He said, “This morning the office of the medical examiner performed an autopsy on Claudia Granata. The cause of death has been determined as ‘blunt impact and sharp force injury of the head, neck torso and extremities’ and has been ruled a homicide.” As this is an ongoing investigation, he could not reveal what type of instruments were used in the homicide.

The CT State Police Central Major Crime Squad assisted with the gathering of evidence at the crime scene.

Chief Robert Gagne gives an update on the murder of Claudia Granata.

Chief Robert Gagne gives an update on the July 24th murder of Claudia Granata.

Items believed to be the murder weapons have been seized from the home.

He continued that Timothy Granata was presented for arraignment at Derby superior Court at 12:30 p.m. today.

“He has not yet entered a plea and continues to be held on $2 million bond. The case has been transferred to Part A Superior Court in Milford,” Gagne said.

When Timothy was arrested he had blood on his clothing and was carrying a cell phone and a bible. He admitted to police that he “killed her,” and “stabbed her.”

Police received several 911 calls, including one that they believe is from the suspect.

Neighbors said Timothy was not an Amity grad, but he had attended Hopkins School, then went to Lehigh University, dropped out, and was going, or planning to go to a seminary. 

One neighbor said he was one of triplets, but this has not been confirmed.

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