Aug 032014

Carnival-goers procrastinated on Saturday, even though the storm front had left the area prior to the Carnival opening making way for a cool, comfortable day.

The Orange Volunteer Fire Department depends on this event to fund equipment purchases and training expenses.

A Postal Service decision banning the department from mailing raffle tickets to every household as it had done for decades cost the OVFD dearly this year.

It appears that in spite of their best efforts, the OVFD will make a little more than half of the money that it has in past years.

We will talk to Carnival Chairman Don Foyer next week to see just how “off” they were.

You can still help the department by coming to the fairgrounds today, having lunch and by buying raffle tickets. Who couldn’t use the $5,000 top raffle prize? You could be the lucky winner. Tickets are only $5 each. They will never recuperate the money they lost due to the Postal Service decision, but you can help by buying last minute tickets before the drawing at 4:30 p.m. this afternoon.

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