Aug 042014

Even though the Orange Volunteer Firefighters dodged the bullet of inclement weather this year, hundreds of people ignored our screen shot of the live radar map showing dry weather for the entire day on Saturday. Instead they looked at the sky and decided it was too gloomy to take a chance.

This was, by far, the toughest fundraising carnival the fire department has seen in decades.

Fire Chief John Knight said the problem started when the Postal Service would not let the department send raffle ticket books through the mail this year.

Residents were used to receiving the tickets in advance and sending the stubs, along with a check, through the USPS.

The firefighters did everything they could think of to get the word out, and made tickets available for purchase in several different businesses and Town Hall, yet they could not recuperate from the devastating loss caused by the demands of the postal service.

The Orange Volunteer Fire Department is still tallying their proceeds from the Carnival (after expenses). This information should be available to Orange Live next week.

In the meantime, here are some photos from Sunday at the Carnival.  Young kids faces have been blurred.



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