Aug 092014


The Amity Teen Center Team in Hartford.

The Amity Teen Center Team in Hartford.

On Friday, Aug. 1 Amity Teen Center teens and staff participated in the “Dare Me For Charity” fundraising event in Hartford.  

Non-profit organizations in 32 cities will take part in these events this summer.  

The challenge was to jump from a high platform onto an airbag.  The platform could go up to 40 feet (the equivalent of about 4 stories).  

Sponsors bought $15.00 tickets that gave each contestant 3 chances to jump.  It was all very safe.  The Teen Center completed a total of 117 jumps!  

One of the ATC sponsors was Liberty Bank, which sponsored 10 jumpers and gave each contestant a backpack.  

The Teen Center was awarded $290.00 in prize money.

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