Aug 112014

an aerial shot of the Ohman Ave. property

an aerial shot of the Ohman Ave. property

At the last Town Plan And Zoning Commission meeting, Zoning Enforcement Officer Paul Dinice said a settlement had been reached with Frank Rogers (aka Fran Clark Woodruff Rogers), whose blighted properties have been a thorn in the town’s side for several years.

Rogers owns properties at 238 Old Grassy Hill Road, 661-663 Orange Center Road, and 158 Ohman Avenue, all of which have at one time or another been under investigation for alleged violations of the Anti-blight ordinance.

With the TP&Z blessing, Dinice lodged fines against Rogers, which began to run into the tens of thousands of dollars.  ($26,000 per property)

A settlement was finally reached on Aug. 1, which includes the following:

Rogers is to pay the town of Orange $4,000 of which $500 would be payable in cash, certified check or bank check immediately. The remaining $3,500 would be paid over a seven-month period beginning Aug. 2014.

The town would put liens and deeds on all three properties, and Rogers must agree to sell the home on Ohman Avenue, which has been the subject of conversation at the TPZC meetings for various reasons for several years.

The properties will be closely monitored and cannot violate any of the town ordinances hereon in.

At our request Dinice obtained and released the details of the settlement agreement today.

The full 37 page settlement agreement can be found HERE

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