Aug 172014

EARS founding member Jon Nowinski shows off the donated turn-out gear.

EARS founding member Jon Nowinski shows off the donated turn-out gear.

In preparation for Large Animal Training, EARS, an all-volunteer non-profit organization, put out a plea for turnout gear and helmets that would help protect the members from the elements and bites or kicks from frightened animals in the event of an emergency.

Almost immediately, founding member Jon Nowinski received a response from an officer in a local volunteer fire department.

Last Thursday, Nowinski met with the firefighter and was given his pick of the department’s retired turnout gear (firefighters’ pants and jackets have a 10-year life for use in fires.)

Even though he could have taken the whole lot, Nowinski only took four helmets, four pants and four jackets for the members who needed them.

The department’s name will be removed from the back of the jackets and the EARS logo will take its’ place.

“We are so grateful for this donation. As a non-profit, we can’t afford to buy quality equipment that we need,” Nowinski said. “This turnout gear will be put to good use and we are more than willing to come back and help train the firefighters how to use the animal air masks that they have.”

EARS is always available to assist CT cities and towns in the event of an emergency where animals are involved. They are trained and help in the rescue and transportation of pets from homes, barns, etc., whenever they are needed.

Equine Emergency Preparedness

Whether you’re a horse owner, a volunteer at an equine facility, or just a horse enthusiast, members of the CT Emergency Animal Response Service (EARS) are very excited to be teaming up with the Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue to present a special Equine Emergency Preparedness seminar on Saturday, Aug.23.

This all-day event (9 a.m. -5 p.m.)features experts from the field of equine veterinary care, large animal response, emergency response, and others, and is going to be a jam-packed informational day.

The entire event (including handouts, materials, and lunch) is being presented at $25 per person – $30 at the door. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

For more information contact info@earsct.org.






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