Aug 182014

filled-recycling-binThe Youth Department of the Orange Country Fair has added new categories to the youth project submissions

All of the category descriptions are available in the Fair Booklet that is now available at Town Hall, The Case Memorial Library, Orange Farm Stands and other selected locations. You also may log onto the Orange Country Fair website: www.orangectfair.com.

One of the new contests is called Recycle and Reuse

This contest will be judged by the Orange Recycling Committee.

For this project we ask that you use your thinking cap to come up with a project that best exemplifies the theme: Recycle and Reuse. It could be a craft made
entirely of recycled material, or an invention that reuses on old object in a new way, or any combination of the two.

Projects will be judged on creativity, artistry, and how well the “spirit of the project” was maintained.

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