Aug 192014

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 7.36.14 PMThe Town Plan And Zoning Commission met tonight at Town Hall.

Following are the agenda items and discussions that took place:

  1. SITE PLAN APPLICATION – Submitted by Sixty Five Marsh Hill Road, LLC – Frank Dilieto for property known as 0 Salemme Lane a.k.a Assessor’s Map 3-1-6.  The proposal is for the use of the property as a temporary warehousing/dumpster supply company.  Empty dumpster-containers will be stored on-site and enclosed with a slatted chain link fence.

Discussion: The applicant hired attorney Brian Stone, who asked that the subject be postponed until the next meeting.

  1. SITE PLAN APPLICATION, ARCHITECTURAL SUPPLEMENT – Submitted by Kin Properties for property known as 130 Boston Post Road. For proposed façade work.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 7.39.32 PMDiscussion: Kathy McDavid, store manager explained that current aluminum facade is chipping and unattractive, would be replaced with stucco.

Chairman Clark said proposed material does not comply with the town’s preferred materials regulation. He suggested incorporating stone or brick.

McDavid could not reach the architect by phone, so Clark said instead of denying the application, it would be continued to the next meeting.

3.  Review of draft “Outdoor Storage & Outdoor Displays” regulations.

Discussion: Town Attorney Vin Marino presented the draft.

In short
big stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s would bring in a site plan showing the parking lot, where merchandise would be on display and the amount of time it would be displayed outside the store, in order to obtain TP&ZC approval.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 7.42.50 PMSidewalks would have to comply with ADA regulations so customers in wheel chairs would be able to get by safely.

Stores like Porch and Patio, Christmas Tree Shops and AC Moore should not have merchandise on the sidewalks, which is a safety issue, as it forces people to walk in the parking lot.

Zoning Enforcement Officer Paul Dinice said the two Garden Center stores often get large shipments of bulky materials, such as mulch for seasonal sales that wind up outside the store.

Clark suggested perhaps separating stand alone stores and multi-tenant stores.

Commissioner Judy Smith Morgan said maybe the regulations should gear more toward the size of the establishment.

Commissioner Ralph Aschettino said a 6-foot sidewalk with two way pedestrian traffic may be too tight.

After considering all the discussions, Marino said he would work on the draft and present it at the next meeting.

  1.  Report of the Zoning Enforcement Officer.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 7.43.59 PM• Firelight Plaza issued an abatement order. An Outdoor dining area is not approved

A dumpster enclosure is in disrepair, construction has been done without the proper permits.

• The owner and a tenant at — address? — would be sited for violations and anti-blight regulation issues. (commercial trucks, messy, machinery outside)

• Foreclosed properties that are in violation of the anti-blight regulations. Dinice is going to inspect several of them.

• Cars for sale in commercial parking lots must be removed.


8.   *APPLICATION FOR SPECIAL EXCEPTION, PERMIT OR USE – Submitted by Mike LaRocco for property known as 119 Old Tavern Road.  The proposal is to construct an addition to an existing garage.   A larger ground Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 8.03.58 PMcoverage is requested as per Section 383-26 I (3) (a) of the Orange Zoning Regulations.

Discussion: Clark said some residents reported that LaRocco repairs cars as a side job and this is not an allowed use, BUT the remainder of the application meets all criteria, and should be approved. He added that the LaRocco’s property is immaculate and well kept. The request passed unanimously.

  1. APPLICATION FOR SPECIAL EXCEPTION, PERMIT OR USE – Submitted by New Haven Hebrew Day Inc. for property known as 261 Derby Avenue.  The proposal is to create and provide temporary classroom space to accommodate current student levels at an existing school.  Approximately 20 students will be using the space at any one time between the school hours of 8:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

Discussion: The rear of the school has the most foot traffic so the school administrator asked that the temporary trailer (for up to 2 years) would be parked there and used for the girls’ High School.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 8.07.12 PMClark said, in terms of regulations the trailer would be considered a building.

The trailer would have air conditioning and heat, the egress would be facing the existing building for safety reasons.

Clark said it meets all the criteria and there has never been any problems with traffic etc.

The application was unanimously approved with the addition of “after two years the temporary trailer would be revisited.”


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