Aug 282014

-home-for-sale-sold-sign.167190117_stdI know someone who’s been trying to sell her home for nearly a year. The place is gorgeous on a beautiful property in a great neighborhood, so, why isn’t it selling?

It could be the price, or the fact that there are other beautiful homes in the area that also are on the market.

This series, though, is geared toward the typical middle class home buyer.

There are 10 things you should know, according to housemaster.com

Any one of these 10 things could be a red flag for the home buyer.

Orange Live will run each of the items on different days so you will be able to absorb the information and check your prospective home for any problems.

#1 — You’re also buying a neighborhood:

“Neighborhoods are a vital part of the home buying process – make sure you visit at different times of the day to get a true sense of the neighborhood.

Also, consider trends when looking for your next home.

Does the neighborhood have a Homeowners Association (HOA)?

Are the homes in need of repair? Is the neighborhood going down rather than up-and-coming?

What is local crime like?

A neighborhood can be the most obvious red flag for a buyer.”

— source housemaster.com


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