Aug 282014

thOne of the best restaurants in Orange is NOT CLOSED. Come on out tonight and show them your support.

While surfing the web today, I came upon a disturbing piece at the top of the page stating that a Boston Post Road restaurant in Orange is…GASP! “Closed.”

No way, I thought, it can’t be true!

Many businesses have difficult months, but to see an excellent restaurant close without a peep would be very sad and unbearable to regular customers who know just how good it is.

The restaurant of which I am writing is the RedFish Grill. A YELP listing shows a photo of one of their wonderful meals and above the map the words, “Location Closed.”

Instead of taking the listing’s word for it, I called the restaurant and was relieved when someone answered the phone.

I explained to her what I had found in my search and she assured me that the RedFish Grill is still open and serving guests as we spoke.

Could this listing faux pas be the cause of slow nights there?

Independently owned businesses need community support to thrive, and something like this could truly hurt business. You know how it goes, someone reads the YELP listing then tells two friends, and so on.

So pass this on to your friends, the Redfish Grill is OPEN and serving its affordable dinner specials and other wonderful food every day. The bar is well stocked with a wonderful variety of wine and other items are always available during lunch, happy hour and for late night dinners.





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