Aug 312014

Pam Staneski for State Rep.

Pam Staneski (R) for State Rep. in 119th district

Following is a Press Release from the Independent Party of CT:

At a caucus held on Aug.t 21, the Independent Party of Connecticut voted unanimously to endorse Pam Staneski as their candidate for State Representative in the November election.

This endorsement means Pam Staneski will not just appear on the Republican line, but will also appear on the Independent Party line on the ballot in November.  Connecticut residents not affiliated with either major party make up the largest percentage of voters in the state and desperately need a voice at the State Capitol.

“I have said all along my campaign is about putting the people of Milford and Orange ahead of any party politics. As a state representative, I pledge to put the needs of the people of the 119th district above the wants of party leaders and special interest,” said Staneski. 

The Milford Independent Party also welcomed Pam on the ballot on Aug. 23. Chair Rocco Frank said, “The endorsement by the Independent Party is given to candidates, like Pam, that exemplify the ideals of honest people for honest government and are supported by the registered members of the Independent Party.” 

According to the Milford Independent Party both Democrats and Republicans are invited to seek their endorsement and participate each year. Pam’s nomination was voted on and endorsed by Party members based on their core principles of good, honest government requiring political leaders work for the people not their respective political party.

 The 119th District is comprised of parts of Milford and Orange. 

NOTE: Staneski will go up against State Rep. James Maroney (D).

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