Mar 262015

Funeral_highway_truck (1)When a police officer or firefighter loses his or her life, the public is accustomed to seeing large funeral processions with participants from across the state, region, and often the country.

But on Wednesday, the streets of Tolland were filled with a long procession of more than 200 huge Highway Department trucks from near and far whose drivers and passengers know all too well the dangers of the everyday jobs they all do.

The men were there to honor David Lee Ridzon, 50, of Willington, the father of two who died Thursday, March 19, after he was struck by a public works truck from his own Tolland Public Works department while patching potholes.

The Orange Highway Department met with crews from Bethany, West Haven and Woodbridge in Orange at 6:30 a.m. and went as a group to the funeral at the First Congregational Church in Tolland.

Orange Crew Chief Don Foyer said, “D.O.T. work is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. This is a reminder to slow down for work zones.”

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