Jul 272015

A phone call from an alert homeowner on Monday led to the arrest of Christopher Esteves, 27, of 445 Beaver Street Apt C48, Ansonia, for burglarizing at least one shed  on Wheelers Farms Road.

The resident was home for lunch when a silver Dodge pick-up entered his driveway.  The male operator exited the truck and rang the door bell several times.  The homeowner kept the male 15-20703 001under surveillance and observed him enter his garden shed at the rear of the property and look at his garden tractor.  He then drove off east on Wheelers Farms Rd without taking anything from the shed.

The Orange Police flooded the area with patrol officers and detectives. While officers were speaking to the complainant, a second caller from Wheelers Farms Rd called to report a similar incident, and moments later  the truck drove past the officers.

Police stopped the truck and both complainants positively 15-20703 002identified the male.  Police recovered several items from the truck.  Police do not know who the owner of those items are.

Residents of the Wheelers Farms area are urged to check their garages and garden sheds for missing tools, and to contact the Orange Police if anything is missing.

Detectives will continue the investigation to determine which, if any, other shed thefts he may have been involved in.

Anyone with further information is asked to call police at 203-891-2130.

NOTE: A great job by both the residents and police in this case. 

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