Nov 042015

IMG_0386On Election Night Voters had a decision, and their vision was clear, it is not time for change in Orange.

Incumbent First Selectman Jim Zeoli easily defeated his challenger Ken Lenz 2,951 – 1,418.

Board of Selectmen

The Republicans retained control of the Board of Selectmen with Judy Williams 2,552, John Carangelo 2,544 and Ralph Okenquist 2,437 winning their re-election bids.

Democrat Mitch Goldblatt, held onto his place on the board with 2,066 votes and former State Rep. Paul Davis 1,733 will join him as a selectman.

Ken Lenz lost his seat on the board with 315 less votes than Davis. Former Orange BOE member Jody Dietch had the lowest vote count at 1,386 and lost her bid for a selectman’s seat.

Town Clerk

Running unopposed again this year was Patrick O’Sullivan, one of the best Town Clerks in the area. Everyone knows that O’Sullivan brings a lot to the table and the results show that. He received 3,059 votes.

Tax Collector

Republican Incumbent Sandra Pierson easily defeated her challenger Howie Dietch 2,845-1,408, retaining her position for another two years.

Board of Finance

Nothing changed on the Board Finance. Kevin Houlihan 2,743, Jim Leahy 2,564 and Kevin Moffet 1,847 all will serve the town again. Even though Republican Robert Bocek received 459 more votes than Democrat Moffett, he did not win a seat due to the minority representation rule.

Democrats Kevin Hadlock 1,514 and Mark Sandella 1,423 received the least votes.

Orange Board of Education

The candidates elected to the Orange BOE in order of vote count are: Mara Saccente 2,669, Ken Ziman 2,419, Bill Kraut 2,416, Chantelle Ewen Bunnell 2,301, Susan Riccio 1,937 and Betty Hadlock 1,664.

The final candidate, Ed Thorndick with 1,471 did not win a seat on the board.

Town Plan & Zoning Commission

The winning candidates for the Town Plan & Zoning Commission in order of vote count are: Judy Smith 3,040, Ralph Aschettino 2,907 and Paul Kaplan 1,772.

Republican Ken Gambardella actually received 2,351 votes (579 more than Kaplan) but the minority representation rule placed Kaplan back on the Commission.

Matt Norko received the least votes at 1,589 and did not win.

Amity Board of Education

The winning candidates for the Amity Board of Education in order of vote count are:

John Belfonti 2,615, Tracy Russo 2,590, Christopher Browe 2,427, Amy Esposito 2,147, Judy Primavera 1,817 and David Oestreicher 1,636.

Roz Klein 1,365 did not win her bid for a seat on the ABOE.


Your town constables in order of vote count are: Jeff Vargo 2,432, Jody Damon 2,274, Mike Donadeo 2,144, Glen Papelo 2,107, Randy Thomas 1,822, Santo Galatioto, Jr. 1,779 and Bob Shanley 1,704.

Democrat John Gagel 1,551 did not win his election bid.

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