Dec 212015

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 1.32.28 AMOver the past 21 years, the Orange Volunteer Fire Department’s Santa’s Helper fundraiser has seen many special moments and Sunday night had one for Elf Mama’s record books.

About 4 days prior to the popular delivery event, Coordinator Annie Davis, aka Elf Mama, received a special request from one of the participants regarding Santa and her brother’s marriage proposal.

The plotting immediately began and a solid plan was developed (and Santa and his firefighter helpers were filled in).

Santa and his elves left the Post Road Fire Station around 1:45 p.m. and went about the business of delivering early Christmas presents to good boys and girls around town, then at 5:30 p.m. they truck arrived at Tom’s house and THIS (video) Is What Happened.

Santa told a captive audience of young kids the story of why he arrived on a fire truck instead of his sleigh, then, one-by-one he handed out their special gifts.

He then announced that there was one more present, and rummaged through his sack, but it was empty. His chief elf helper handed him a festive gift bag and he called Kristine over for her present.

Kristine sat on Santa’s lap and unwrapped a champagne glass from a large amount of tissue paper. Inside the glass was a note, which she quietly read to herself — we still don’t know what it said.

Santa then asked where Tom was. “What do you want for Christmas?” he asked.

“I want a wife,” Tom answered.

“Really? How would you get one?” Santa asked.

While Kristine hid her face in her hands, Tom got down on one knee and as he opened a ring box asked, “Kristine, Will You Marry Me?”

Thank Goodness,  She Said Yes as the entire household cheered.

Elf Mama’s plan continued with the firefighters making a call to the station so Tom could reveal Kristine’s answer to the world.

Firefighters who were standing by in different areas of town congratulated the couple over the air waves (this was quite humorous).

Meanwhile, at the house, Santa’s firefighter helpers offered their congratulations and each one handed Kristine a long stem yellow and orange rose (or 2 … or 6) — Yellow roses symbolize Joy and optimism, Orange is for enthusiasm and passion.

Santa said he wanted to marry the couple on the spot — by the power invested in him by the North Pole.

Back at the fire house Santa was still talking about the proposal and swore he WOULD get his Justice of the Peace license by next year.

Congratulations Tom and Kristine, may the rest of your lives together be as joyous as Sunday afternoon was.




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