Dec 262015

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The annual Amity Alumni Basketball game took place this morning in the Paul Mengold Gymnasium.

Dozens of talented players from the past, including “old guys” from 1985 (Jim Ronai) and familiar faces like Dave Ryan and Zac Campbell from the class of 2013 showed that they still have moves.

Most impressive perhaps were the numerous displays of good sportsmanship: players from the “home” team (gray shirts) extending a hand to the “visiting” team (yellow shirts) and cheering the opposition’s amazing shots.

The gray team kept the lead through most of the game — the score was 97-92 at 1:12 in the final quarter. The yellow team came close toward the end and then, BAM, at the very last second Matt Ronai (class of 2014) sunk one in and tied the score 97-97.

The alumni game is always fun, and if you didn’t attend, you really missed out on something special!

Current coach Jeff Nielsen, former Athletic Director Paul Mengold and several of this year’s players were in the audience.






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