Sep 302016

gold starScott Feinberg of The Hollywood Reporter has released the teaser trailer of the local film “Gold Star” HERE (edited by Anne Hu) along with a podcast interview with film star, Robert Vaughn.

Vaughn, known worldwide for his role as The Man From U.N.C.L.E. plays the late Carmine Negri in this labor of love by his daughter, Orange native Victoria Negri.

This widespread industry exposure leading up to Gold Star’s World Premiere next Friday at the Buffalo International Film Festival is a huge step forward toward reaching audiences everywhere.

carmine and vicki negriPlease share the teaser link on your social media with your friends and family, as Victoria Negri and her team continue to grow their audience.

And stay tuned for news from the festival!

Follow Gold Star on its social media links for live streams from the festival, photos, updates and more!

NOTE: On a personal note, Scott Feinberg is a talented reporter and die-hard movie buff who began freelancing for me at the Amity Observer newspaper when he was a sophomore at Amity High School. Even at that young age I easily recognized that he could accomplish anything he set his mind to. 


Robert Vaughn


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