Nov 072016

img_9839The Amity Spartans Football team got off to quite a slow start, but in the past three weeks, in spite of the amount of injuries and losses they’ve suffered, the Spartans, led by Senior Colin Beaulieu (11) seem to suddenly be on fire.

Beaulieu scored the first touchdown halfway through the first quarter, and Jordan Conn’s kick was good (7-0).

With 3:36 remaining in the quarter, the duo repeated this feat bringing the score to 14-0.

Less than a minute later, Hamden senior Diante Perry scored for the Green Dragons, narrowing the spread to 14-6.

In the middle of the second quarter Hamden scored again, tying the game 14-14.

This is where Amity fans would normally begin to worry, but, with 9:41 remaining in the second, the Spartans scored again and Beaulieu brought another one in as well, and Luke Smith got the ball and ran with it too, all the way past the goal line with 4:35 before halftime (36-14 Amity).

By the end of the night Amity pulled in 4 more points and Hamden made one final touchdown.

Final Score: 40-20 Amity!




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