Jan 272017

(Photo by Karen McCausland)

This is the perfect overnight weather for the town’s youth to Freeze Out and see what it’s like to be homeless and living in a cardboard box.

The Orange Congregational Church, 205 Meetinghouse Lane, began its annual Habitat for Humanity event this evening by building a cardboard shanty town in front of the church.

The teens and their adult chaperones will

(Photo by Karen McCausland)

take shifts spending time outside in the cardboard boxes, while others participated in activities inside the church.

Each year the youth group dedicates time during the spring/summer building a home for a worthy recipient in the Habitat for Humanity program. If you have the opportunity, stop by the church and make a monetary donation. All proceeds will go to the Habitat project.

The event will end Saturday morning and everyone will go home and get some badly needed sleep in the warmth of their own beds, but the memory of being out in the cold will stay with them for a long time.

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