Mar 072017

Town Clerk Patrick O’Sullivan released this list of property transfers filed with his office in the month of February.

230 Hawthorne Lane, $280,000, James G. Carney Estate to John Neff, filed on Feb. 2.

229 Deerfield Lane, $498,998, Sunrise Hill Estates LLC to Michael Altschuler, filed on Feb. 7.

385 Dogburn Lane, $305,000, 385 Dogburn Lane LLC to Kimberly Cunniff, filed on Feb. 16.

189 Harrison Place, $75,000, Marian Gemmell to WLP Investments LLC, filed on Feb. 17.

496 Dogwood Road, $317,000, Robert Mucci to Makai Rohbar, filed on Feb. 22.

24 Putting Green, $350,000, Ding Lin to Khanh Van Ton, filed on Feb. 23.


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