Mar 132017

Tonight, the Woodbridge Police Commission will discuss eliminating the School Resource Officers from the elementary (Beecher Road) and Amity Regional High schools.

In light of this action, the following, which will impact tri-town residents has been decided to remedy the situation:

“The 2017-2018 Superintendent’s Proposed Budget has been revised again to reflect the most current information and conditions. Modifications to the Superintendent’s Proposed Budget are an important part of the process and are based on attempting to balance the short-term and long-term elements of our financial plan as more accurate information becomes available.

The changes include the incorporation of the cost of the Amity Regional High School Resource Officer (SRO) into the Amity budget. This modification, which is cost neutral to the Member Towns, was done at the request of the First Selectmen of the three Member Towns. This adds $84,402 for 77.5% of the SRO salary and benefits to the Superintendent’s Proposed Budget. “

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