Apr 292017

This week I posted a press release from our regular source at the Case Memorial Library stating that the library would be closed on Saturdays due to budget cuts.

This has happened in the past and many residents were upset with the news and expressed their concerns on our Facebook page

One resident, though, said that we got it wrong — no phone call or e-mail explaining why the story was inaccurate, just “you’re wrong.”

After some prying, she said that a new decision has been made and that the Library Commission never approved the release. (She has since deleted her comments from the FB page). The story was up for 3 days yet I haven’t heard any complaints or received a corrected press release from anyone in authority at the library.

I will be away today when the library is open and I won’t be able to call. But I encourage someone to contact me at orangectlive01@gmail.com so I can pass on the correct information. I know many people will be relieved if the library hours aren’t affected.


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