May 182017

The Orange Town Budget/Charter Revision Referendum took place today at the High Plains Community Center.

The following results are from the machine votes cast there. Absentee Ballots will change the totals, and perhaps the face of the Town Charter.

The Town Budget passed 1088 -201

Charter Revision Questions all passed as depicted below:

1) 968 -325

2) 992 -283

3) 835-450

4) 960 -317

5) 873-408

6) 1193 – 97

There were 1,350 votes cast and as we have reported for the past few weeks, the Charter Revision would only go through if 1,700 voters came out. (Does not include the absentee ballots)

Town Attorney Vincent Marino stated:

Thank you for coming out today. The budget passed by a 5 to 1 margin. That vote counts.

It looks like we fell short of our 15% vote number by 240 votes, but I will be reviewing the statute and verifying the tally with the registrars tomorrow.

While it does not appear that the Charter vote will count, all of the initiatives received support by overwhelming majorities.

While we believe we did everything we could to educate everyone and to get out the vote, including public hearings, public meetings, social media, robo calls, lawn signs and publication in 2 local papers, we always like to hear what else we might of, could have or should do in the future.

Notwithstanding the Charter vote, it is great to see that the budget we presented was supported in great numbers. We are fortunate to live in a town that has such dedicated, talented and intelligent people that serve on our boards and commissions, particularly on our Boards of Finance and Selectmen.

First Selectman Jim Zeoli said, “What this shows is that people actually took the time to read the questions, and for that I am grateful.”


Orange Live will keep you apprised of any further updates on this situation.

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