Jun 012017

The Friends of the Case Memorial Library are celebrating their 25th year.
The Friends reached out to the community gathering together a group of talented women to collaborate on a Yarn Storming outside the library and of the second-floor gallery.
This Yarn Installation is a colorful illustration of the Four Seasons entirely crocheted and knitted.  Sections are filled with a rainbow, a fall tree, different flowers, leaves, and snow.
Throughout the display search for insects, critters, the undersea world, storybook and movie characters. Look on the columns for the 6 large Crayons and outside on the bike rack for the Hungry Caterpillar. Enjoy this magical colorful world.
Everyone who has come through has been dazzled especially the children since it is by the children’s area.
The Friends thank all those who donated and contributed to this endeavor.
Photos by James A. Robertson.

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