Jun 152017

Who is this Amity Grad?

The Amity High School Graduation was delightful. It was not too hot with a steady breeze. There were good class speakers, especially the extremely funny piece by Eric, the self-proclaimed most unqualified speaker. (Give me a couple of days to post the videos).

This year, there were fewer beach balls than ever before and I didn’t see one soap bubble rising from the grad seats.

Yet, there was some entertainment when the diplomas were handed out. As he approached the dignitaries from the right side of the field, one student did a perfect flip, received his diploma, then before the official photographer could take his picture, he flipped again and wowed the crowd.

A few minutes later a second classmate also showed his gymnastic skills after receiving his diploma.

From Baseball, Volleyball, Tennis, Theater, Science and more, the Class of 2017 is a very talented bunch.

We took more than 6,000 photos at graduation and it will take some time to edit all of them. They most likely will be available on Shutterfly or a similar service. 


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