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Nov 132017

It’s been almost a week since the election, but here you go. These are the results of the seven questions that were on the ballot.

Take a close look at the numbers to see which ones Orange residents were most passionate about.


1. “Shall the Charter be amended to increase the terms of the First Selectman, Board of Selectmen, Tax Collector, Town Clerk, Registrar of Voters and Constables from a two year term to a four year term, with terms to commence on the first Monday of December, or as otherwise provided by state statute, effective January 1, 2018? ”

YES  1813   NO  1954

2. “Shall the Charter be amended to change the term of the Town Planiiing and Zoning Commissions deferred position so that begriming with the 2023 biennial election three members shall have concurrent four-year terms?”

YES  1777   NO  1873

3. “Shall the Charter be amended to modify the definition of “quorum of qualified electors or taxpayers al a town meeting from “1 00” to “those present”?”

YES  1742   NO  1906

4. “Shall the Charter be amended to modify the need for town meeting action for the purchase and sale of real estate of the town or any interest therein for properties or interests with a value of $500,000 or greater?”

YES  2707    NO  1444

5. “Shall the Charter be amended to require that all votes concerning the annual budget be sent to a referendum?”

YES  2719    NO  1388

6. “Shall the Charter be amended to delete the requirement that all ordinances be published iii their entirely following passage and only require a publication of a notice of passage?”

YES  1950     NO  2183

7. “Shall the Charter be amended to correct typographical and grammatical errors, to delete outdated references and update other references?”

YES  3699    NO  499

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