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Jan 042018

Today’s wintry weather is a blessing for children (No School!) and a burden for some parents (No School!)

But as the Winter Storm Brody moves across the state, there already have been some accidents reported (I-84 and a spun out car into a utility pole on a road in Bridgeport.)

The wind is whipping outside my window, so to me, that’s a warning of lower visibility out there and a very good possibility for tree limbs or branches to come down.

We’ve known this storm was coming for several days now, so there’s really no excuse not to have the basics you need to shelter in place for a couple of days if necessary.

If you have a dog, for goodness sake don’t leave him/her outside for more than a couple of minutes. Extreme temperatures, like the sub-zero digits we’re expecting during the next three days could cause serious health issues for your four-legged friend, including, but not limited to, frostbite on their sensitive feet, nose, and ears.

Several short-haired “outdoor” dogs have been found frozen to death across the country, including CT, this week. If you don’t care about the suffering your pet will endure, then consider the animal cruelty charges you’ll face.

At one point this week, I forgot to keep the water dripping in my kitchen sink and both the hot and cold pipes froze. Now I have a furnace (Thank God!) and I still keep the drip going because that’s a problem I just can’t deal with right now!

There is so much to remember to protect yourself, pets and property this winter. Just be diligent. If you use space heaters, like I did for the past year, remember to keep ALL clutter and any flammable items far away from them. Rule of thumb, plug the heater directly into the wall outlet, not an extension cord or power strip, and have about three feet of empty space around it to prevent possible overheating or fire.

Orange Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) reminds homeowners who have a fire hydrant near their property, that it is important to clear the snow from around it. in the event of a fire the Orange Volunteer Fire Department will need access to one as quickly as possible.




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